Monday, December 9, 2013

Almost end of term

Hurrayy term's almost coming to an end, I'm suppose to be ecstatic but, I'm not.

I guess I can attribute that to my sub-par game theory assignment which I've given up asking for help / given up trying to solve some bullshit theory which is not applicable to real life AT ALL, also have my exercise plan thrown off for the past couple of days, and consuming too much sweet stuff for my own (belly's) good.

How does it feel to really love somebody but sometimes you just feel like your wings are being clipped whenever they're around. I meant to dedicate this entire weekend to that fuckin' game theory assignment which I'm horrible at but I just can't do that if I'm not on my own. I don't even know what's the word, polite? Sticky? or maybe just plain lazy / cba.

On another note, I was really anticipating Paris but I guess that's not happening anymore. This is what happens when you wait around for someone to do something. I could've sorted it out but was told to leave it. I guess we've got all sorts of things to place our blame on i.e. assessment centre, job interviews and shit.

Sometimes I just wish I didn't have to do all this, but I do it anyway because it's good for me. I know what I want to do, and what I have to do to get there. I'm just sick of having to be the mature one around, I feel like my youth's seeping away too early. moan groan.

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