Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Year ago

Can I just say that I've had a top Valentines. To be honest though I'm not one for such commercialised 'holidays' so I'm not a tough nut to please.

I spent the early morning of it cutting and powdering up the turkish delight I made for the boyf, crawled back into bed and let's just say he likes it and I now know how much sugar goes into that candy. I attended lectures which were of no concern to me and we braved the cold wind to see Mr. Cuttles in the museum. Mr. Cuttles is probably the newest exhibit there and he has been wanting to see it since last year. If you haven't guessed, it is a cuttlefish.

In the evening we went to my favourite asda, got lasagne necessities and he starting whipping me up an amazingly healthy dish. The key lime pie which I bought completely kicked out the 'healthy' factor but no meal is complete without a kickass dessert.

The very odd square instagram picture. I apologise.
Lasagne with garlic bread and sun dried tomatoes.

This is Salem the flying cat.

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