Monday, December 24, 2012

Supposed to be

Something's wrong with me.

I must be reading too much shit that has caused this whirlpool of emotions and rhetorical questions for myself. It's 79minutes past Christmas midnight and I'm being mopey, in my hotel room. My sister's right next to me but I feel lonelier than ever. Christmas is meant to be happy, what's taking it away from me. Maybe because everyone around me doesn't give a fuck about it that's probably why. Or this massive lack of sleep and too much tv. Or this pessimistic feeling about my relationships and the future and how old I am getting. Im only 21 so I dont know where's all this stress coming from but I just want it to be over soon.

My Christmas wish is to sort myself out. No more tears you weak shiat. And no more space for people who don't care.

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