Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tuesday in Liverpool in Instagram

So it's really about time this space livens up and I should jot down memories that actually matter.

There's a lot actually but since the boyf wants to hear all about my day in Liverpool,
(despite him being with me throughout the whole day),
here goesss *.* 
(Oh God feels so weird to be blogging about my day)

So I took a day off (I say day but really, all I had was a lecture from 11-12) uni,
woke up at 545am to catch my train at 708am. 
Walkin through Selly in the morning darkness was creepy but I managed with a hood up.

The 105minute train ride was lovely,
 I've always loved long train rides in the country side with soft seats. 
Obviously not referring to the trains in Singapore,
it's not soft neither is it in the country side. 

Got picked up at the station and I was starving despite the am cereal.
Up north is well cold, my fingers were numb so we shared a pair of (his) gloves,
and stuff my other hand in his coat pocket.

Also tried looking for a leather glove but I was too picky to settle for one.
Women. Yes.

Breakfast was at Leaf, some massively hipster indie cafe which serves
a lot of tea.... 
Kippers and scrambled eggs with rockets for breakfast, 
and croissant and tea. 
Breakfast was perfect. 

Also may I add there was a very cute jack russell (which fondly reminded me of my pepper)
shivering outside while waiting for his owner. 

The wind blew us up towards the Liverpool Cathedral, 
it was literally resistance training walking against / away from the wind.
We had eggrolls from a chinese super market along the way,
amazing, I can't believe I didn't eat any egg rolls for CNY this year.

The Catheral was massive, and impressive. 
I don't know why it's littered with candles tho because it's not a very
christian now is it.

As we walked towards his University, I saw this and LOL-ed.
Precinct. bahahaha precinct.
What a vintage word.
Who says precinct loool. 

Rapey being a tourist in his University. 
Campus, obviously not as lovely as brums but can't deny most people look better.
and dress better here. Might be the cold, I don't know.

Got the daily telegraph with chocolate and sat down in the guild for a bit,
gangnam style was playing and I learn something new that day,
he was saying oppan not oppa.

Went for coffee at a lovely starbucks,
tried the Pumpkin spiced latte which was hmmm roasted.
T'was alright but green tea handsss down. 


So Kam went all 'Let's go shopping',
we literally walked around for 10minutes before we left town for late lunch.
Men.. Shopping should last for hours.
To be honest though I wouldn't last, it has gotten boring.
Unless it's a thrift. 

Enroute to lunch, I took a picture with this Peacock Lambanana.

The Brink Cafe, England's first non-alcoholic pub.
But but but, it's called a cafe..
whatever it is, the decor was lovely.
So quaint and more importantly, peaceful and quiet.

I thought he looked like Sylvester Stallone here loool hahahahaha.

Tapas for starters, first time trying tapas.
My dislike for olives is lessened when dipped in hummus.

Quarter pounder for mains with positively,
the best chips in town.
So crispy on the outside, and warm and soft inside.

Carbonara instead of fish and chips,
carb overload but I always eat better with company.
And at the corner you can see the hipster instagramming away.
shit hash tags.

For dessert we got caramel tea, amazing carrot cake and...
a banoffe pie omg.
So good, can't believe I've not tried it before. 
I'm gonna make a healthy one by this week to see if it'll taste the same,
but with half the calories *.*

Also the worse thing happened after dessert when Kam's parents,
unexpectedly, walked into the cafe.
My heart stopped beating for a bit, 
and he (hilariously) jumped into the seat opposite and put his coat over his face.

We ninjaed out anyway.
The rest of the anxiety is best kept in our memories.
Literally have never felt so much terror in my life before.

An outfit picture after I calmed down, this was taken infront of some garden.

The... train station? 
Okay I highly doubt that because the train station's further down.
It was just a lovely building which I couldn't resist taking a picture of.

Liverpool's a much prettier town than Birmingham so I was obviously,
wowing at everything. Like a tourist.

We strolled back to the train station and I watched him leave again,
this time it wasn't so bad.
The first time was the worse.
He likes taking a picture of me before he leaves,
I donut kno why because usually I look the worse then.

Goodbye baby I'll see you in a bit.
or never whoooop!!!

Can't wait for December/January,
I'd rather greet this station than see the dreadful New Street.
It really isn't very pretty.
And also I love sleeping on trains,
except I wake up every few minutes to close my gapping mouth.

Gots to look glamourous all the time, init.

okay as if, my mouth doesn't gap.
I wake up to check my phone's there.
Literally can't afford to lose another iPhone.
Wallet pain.

Monday, October 15, 2012