Monday, August 27, 2012

How a Women's Mind Work

Pretty warped.

So today's thoughts. How I lost a friend due to the army and the distance. and possibly psyco fuckin gf. How I lost myself amidst the crowd. How I am so angry at God for having me on. How obstacle after obstacle are thrown at me. How I hate the day coming to an end. How fighting against tear ducts are becoming a regular thing. How I hate seeing you leave. How female I am. How I can't find my bloody sports bra to go for a run because I need it so bad. How I wish I've got unlimited funds to do whatever I want. How badly I want a job. How much I want to have my own place.

On a happier and more important note to remember, I like how the boyf popped into the cafe I was in the other day just before my exam. T'was such a pleasant surprise. Literally uncalled for that's why I was extra surprised. No one's ever done that for me before. I remembered how my eyes lit up and sported a grin so wide that I had to control myself in case my cheekbones got perpetually stuck in that ridiculous position. I was very happy.

And I only wish for myself to be as happy as that moment for a very long time because being sad is unnecessary.

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