Wednesday, August 17, 2011


It's almost 3 weeks since Timon enlisted, I'll be seeing him in 2 days and I'm super psyched! Time really flies, the last I updated was when he enlisted and now - he's coming out.

For the last few Harry Potter films, I try to dress more appropriately for the movie haha! Tim says nobody cares but I'm not dressing up for anyone to care, anyway. I feel awesome and empowered when I dress up so, it is a real confidence booster. My black lace cloak/throw is an awesome vintage find from hong kong AND obviously, my brogues from asos are super overworn. They match with everything! Don't ask me who I'm tryna look like from the show.. even though I'm wearing the time turner necklace, Hermione doesn't wear much black.

So for the past week, I've been attending all sorts of yoga classes, extremely fun albeit exhausting. Yesterday's body combat class sure k.o-ed my body, and hatha yoga immediately after that didnt really help release the muscles cause I woke up... with a major bodyache.

I'm finally finalizing my student visa tomorrow for the UK, my flight's in exactly 1 months time:( Please let time crawl, I'm not ready to leave everything behind yet.

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