Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Eyes *.*

I've zero new pictures to upload but since this is somewhere where I've penned down different walks of my life, I feel this pending need to blog about my lasik surgery on Wednesday.

I'm just entering my 3rd day of perfect eyesight and boyyy it feels !@#$%@# awesome. My latest favourite emoticon would be *.* because it's literally how I'm feeling every single moment. Everytime before I sleep I do this weird action of removing my spectacles - when it isnt there. How silly does that look? And sometimes I feel like plucking out the contact lens that's 'in' my eye but there's nothing *.*

This has got to be the most useful vainity surgery(apart from braces) ever invented. I no longer have to stuggle jogging with spectacles or splitting contact lenses. I'm so glad I don't suffer the usual dry eye syndrome and I think the starburst nightlights actually look... pretty! Like fireflies but huge ones.

Thank you Dr Julian Theng for the awesome awesome warm treatment I received throughout the entire process, I was so well taken care of I have no fear.

If anyone has any questions pertaining to lasik surgery ask me if need be! ;)

Nitey all x

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  1. where did you get your lasik done? :)