Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Full Monty

VV brought me to diana king for full monty wax almost a month back,
amazing how time flies and yes - pictures are very very dated.
It honestly wasn't that painful, but take it from someone who finds the extraction process during facial absolute bliss... it might be painful for you.

Okay here's my pain-o-meter!
Eye brow threading - 4/10
Pimple Extraction - 3/10
Waxing - 4/10 ?
I can't think of any other painful things I've done so I suppose that's the
end of my very bleak list.
The difference between a good waxer and a bad one is how fast they do it. I was done in 5minutes!

The green blazer I got was... from a thrift store with an extra 50% off to boot, scccoorreee!
I love love love cheap thrills and great finds. I haven't shopped in the longest time (for almost 2 months now). All I got from the CLUB21 bazaar was a pair of shoes for Timon. I'm unleashing myself the moment I get to UK. I don't really want to lug a whole ton of 'new stuff I bought' over!

okay my younger brother just called me a bitch,
well so much for picking him up the past few days.
Need to remind my mom to pray doubly hard for this poor child.
He's seriously _______ ,
and I'm going to leave that blank for whatever yall reckon fits.
because honestly, one word isn't enough.

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