Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Second Last Haircut

This post is littered with Timon's picture, only because his china hairdresser
did a smashing job to the mop he had before.
One of the cheapest haircuts he's gotten in his life,
and the best job done I reckon - I really like it!

Complete with hair wash, curls blown into the right places and
possibly the worse shoulder massage I've ever gotten,
my $10 was worth it.

And yes, I skipped the shoulder massage after 20seconds -
there's no form of oilment so the guy ended up bruising my shoulders.

One of my favourite buys from this trip, that pocket watch.
I've been lookin for a decent one without any spoilers.
i.e - with terrible wording inside / outside.
This one's simple.

We had our dinner at 12:30am (says the pocket watch on top) at the venetian.
I had to foresake my beloved chicken skin to make up for
all the carbs I've consumed.
Tim and I sat outside starbucks for a while to tranny watch.

After dinner, we strolled several casinos and finally,
settled at Grand Lisboa.
Where Tim lost money and I got scolded by the cantonese
security guard for using my Ipad in there.

I was playing zombie cafe,
I don't see how that helps anyone cheat at the baccarat table...~

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