Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Phishing in the Evening

One of those rare, super busy aplenty of errands to run day happened a couple of weeks back, I remembered because it was one of my most productive days for the past 5 months. and also how relieve I was when I could finally rest, and just watch my friends cast lines into the reservoir, watch the dogs dragging their owners around and just stare into the tranquil waters and sky.

The sunset was beautiful that evening, weather cooling and calm. My first time witnessing timon catching something huge - that catfish atop which they let go eventually because no one was going to eat it. They played with the giant till it snapped timon's line, what can I say. Retribution.

Anyway I really like Timon's bermudas and his last shot of my hair. It has never looked prettier, it's pretty dry in real life though. People ask me a lot if I perm my hair, my answer's no. The same few people ask me agazillion times hoping that one fine day I'd 'slip up on my lie' and somehow reveal that I have indeed permed my hair. My answer's still no, I only curled it once for prom though.

My hair's a result from countless dye projects at the salon, absolutely zero brushing/combing, daily conditioning and bi-weekly masking. I also have natural waves which I absolutely hated when I was 14, I wanted to reborn/straighten it. and I'm thankful fo my mother everyday for not allowing me to. Can you imagine how huge my face will look in straight hair? D:

All this talk about fishing just made me super hungry for B&Js phishfood

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