Thursday, July 21, 2011

Another day

Man my memory is comparable to a goldfish,
if there's anything worse than a goldfish, I'm that.

I cannot remember anything from this pictures taken except
the last minute plan to attack the buffet spread at Sheraton?
and happily strolling in Sephora, surrounded by a whole ton of makeup.

I think packaging is what really sells make up.
Had such a tough time resisting buying everything pretty :(

And guys, coffee freaks, please go try Coffee Bean's Ultimate.
My usual order is Ultimate with low fat milk and no whip cream,
but that day they had a new flavour which contain oreos on top on all the coffee goodness.

That day reminded me how boring Orchard road was, and Singapore as a whole.
Typing this just got me all excited for UK as well

Btw I've booked my flight tickets! 18th September Sunday Midnight flight.
It'll mean so much if anyone sent me off,
I'll miss Sg for sure, the people, the food and the timon.

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