Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Phishing in the Evening

One of those rare, super busy aplenty of errands to run day happened a couple of weeks back, I remembered because it was one of my most productive days for the past 5 months. and also how relieve I was when I could finally rest, and just watch my friends cast lines into the reservoir, watch the dogs dragging their owners around and just stare into the tranquil waters and sky.

The sunset was beautiful that evening, weather cooling and calm. My first time witnessing timon catching something huge - that catfish atop which they let go eventually because no one was going to eat it. They played with the giant till it snapped timon's line, what can I say. Retribution.

Anyway I really like Timon's bermudas and his last shot of my hair. It has never looked prettier, it's pretty dry in real life though. People ask me a lot if I perm my hair, my answer's no. The same few people ask me agazillion times hoping that one fine day I'd 'slip up on my lie' and somehow reveal that I have indeed permed my hair. My answer's still no, I only curled it once for prom though.

My hair's a result from countless dye projects at the salon, absolutely zero brushing/combing, daily conditioning and bi-weekly masking. I also have natural waves which I absolutely hated when I was 14, I wanted to reborn/straighten it. and I'm thankful fo my mother everyday for not allowing me to. Can you imagine how huge my face will look in straight hair? D:

All this talk about fishing just made me super hungry for B&Js phishfood

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Another day

Man my memory is comparable to a goldfish,
if there's anything worse than a goldfish, I'm that.

I cannot remember anything from this pictures taken except
the last minute plan to attack the buffet spread at Sheraton?
and happily strolling in Sephora, surrounded by a whole ton of makeup.

I think packaging is what really sells make up.
Had such a tough time resisting buying everything pretty :(

And guys, coffee freaks, please go try Coffee Bean's Ultimate.
My usual order is Ultimate with low fat milk and no whip cream,
but that day they had a new flavour which contain oreos on top on all the coffee goodness.

That day reminded me how boring Orchard road was, and Singapore as a whole.
Typing this just got me all excited for UK as well

Btw I've booked my flight tickets! 18th September Sunday Midnight flight.
It'll mean so much if anyone sent me off,
I'll miss Sg for sure, the people, the food and the timon.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Last of Macau

So this is probably the last of Macau till a long time later,
I've enough of the insane egg tarts and casinos.

This time round we actually made it to the ruins of St Paul,
not as spectacular as they make it out to be...
Really crowded, there's no way you can take a picture without including a stranger.

Pictures of Timon taken by me while I was looking at his new hair,
and thinking this is probably our last plane ride together for a long long while.
But hey I was wrong, we've leaving again this Friday~~!

And yes, I still want very much to try bangs but... my pimple fortress of a forehead doesn't approve so I bought
this fake clip-ons ^^

Timon was right, I haven't worn it yet.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Second Last Haircut

This post is littered with Timon's picture, only because his china hairdresser
did a smashing job to the mop he had before.
One of the cheapest haircuts he's gotten in his life,
and the best job done I reckon - I really like it!

Complete with hair wash, curls blown into the right places and
possibly the worse shoulder massage I've ever gotten,
my $10 was worth it.

And yes, I skipped the shoulder massage after 20seconds -
there's no form of oilment so the guy ended up bruising my shoulders.

One of my favourite buys from this trip, that pocket watch.
I've been lookin for a decent one without any spoilers.
i.e - with terrible wording inside / outside.
This one's simple.

We had our dinner at 12:30am (says the pocket watch on top) at the venetian.
I had to foresake my beloved chicken skin to make up for
all the carbs I've consumed.
Tim and I sat outside starbucks for a while to tranny watch.

After dinner, we strolled several casinos and finally,
settled at Grand Lisboa.
Where Tim lost money and I got scolded by the cantonese
security guard for using my Ipad in there.

I was playing zombie cafe,
I don't see how that helps anyone cheat at the baccarat table...~