Thursday, June 23, 2011

Everyday is Friday

Last week we made our way back to Macau again,
We're hardly gambling addicts. We go just for the thrill of getting out of the country for cheap
and checking-in into a beautiful, huge hotel - unlike the mouse sized ones in HK.

T'was scorching hot there but humidity levels were slightly lower.
This time, we managed to figure out most of the chinese menus and
ordered egg/milk custards which tasted heavenly.
It's like egg tarts without the crust, just the center yummness.

Tim and I hit our 3.167 years today, we celebrated with Limitless and
imaginary NZT pills. A ton of snuggles in the cold room with nice green tea and
my watermelon slices.

Ended our day with crabs and great friends at Famous Kitchen.
We must make everyday count from now on till He goes bald for army and till
I leave for Birmingham.

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