Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Anti-Pig

Just another day in Macau, this time we took a ferry over to meet Wobin, michelin wontons
and Mr. suckling pig.
I hardly eat pork(because chicken&fish rules),
this suckling pig is probably the last pig I'm eating
- especially after reading/watching this video- poor piglets :(

This suckling pig had to be pre-ordered a day before with 100sgd deposit,
and it's stuffed with awesome glutinous rice and the skin's super dupeerrr crispy.
We skipped the $100 deposit part all thanks to Ahmad's persuasion.

That day was also Tim's last day of being a mop head.
The next day, we finally plucked up some balls to cut our hair at a china salon.
He spent 30 minutes sulking on the chair,
but our hair turned out pretty awesome so the sulking was very unnecessary.

and.. realize china really likes hotel rooms with a transparent toilet.
We (obviously) did not request for it,
it was given.
Funny thing though, they gave Tim's parents a room with a fully covered,
decent toilet.
It's just us, maybe.

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