Wednesday, May 4, 2011


So now that I'm done with my personal statement for uni applications,
I must now focus on my SATs exam which is rather redundant now that I've given up all hopes to go to a local university.

And also to avoid being one helluva lazy bum, I'm going to tell everyone what I've been up to for the past months. VV, Izzy and I actually created Chromaki a couple of months back.
Obviously me, being the biggest procrastinator on earth has resulted to a lot of stock in my house...I will update Chromaki this weekend.

Now that it's out, everyone please, nudge me constantly ask me update and
just tell it to my face that I'm super duper lazy.
I just came back from my first ever job training as a cashier though,
for the next 2 weeks I will be ... a cashier.

A very reckless move of mine, to sign up.
Obviously wasnt in the right state of mind when I signed up for this... :'(
Too bad, suck thumb and just do it.
Though I have to admit that zapping price tags are pretty fun hehe

Whatever it is, I'm going to squeeze out time for Chromaki.
Vv & Izzy blogs over there so,
pop by for a good read.

The whole vision for Chromaki - for me personally,
was to finally finally have a shop that I would buy every single thing and
it will be pocket friendly. Or at least worth my money.
I was just slogging my butt off at the gym last night where I thought
to myself man, dieting really sucks.
I can't believe I survive on a cup of juice when I was 14.
Right now I can't, I'm bigger for sure but like Tim said to me,
at least I'm much happier than before.

Anyways I'm just glad that I found someone like him who accepts my
abomination thighs hehe.

I just want to let everyone know that you don't have to be skinny to look good.
Skinny ≠ Stylish.
Sure you can't wear those skinny jeans/flarey jeans and look good,
so..just pick something else that suits/fits you,


  1. love the last paragraph! fo' sho you are rockin' it alright ;)

    you're lookin awesome as ever!


  2. HAHAHAHA HI MELU! mel so lubly always still forevr commenting on our under-utilized blogs.

    YAY lets eat and be happy forever.

  3. hi saraaaaaa!
    what can i say, i love you guyssss :)

    foreverrr young, i wanna be foreveeeer young.