Saturday, May 21, 2011

Soccer and Sara

Efficiency at its peak,
pictures taken from an album shot 2-3 weeks back with Sara...!
It was pretty impromptu so I only packed a couple of stuff down.

Scorching sun and long hair do not go,
even more so with a faux fur coat.

There are no words to describe how I'm feeling right now because
my 2 week stint with Robinsons is over tomorrow 4pm.
This whole job thingy has caused me to fall ill and
deprive me from almost any form of exercise soo
am started to feel like a confident whale.

I will dash out of that place at 4pm later,
drive back into Tim's arms
and we shall head over to Universal Studios together.

Yes, I am still very excited to go to Universal Studios despite
going to 3 of them already.
How many are there in the world, anyway?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

3rd Year Mark

After throwing me that crazy 20th birthday party at Pan Pacific
(Which I havent blogged about...),
I was literally brainstorming my guts out for Tim's 20th birthday.

To make things slightly 'worse', his birthday coincides with our 3rd year anniversary as well.
T'was super pressurizing.

So I scouted numerous travel sites for good deals etc but obviously
I'm terrible at such things and Tim is exceptionally good at it.
He can open his own travel agency I swear.
Now you know why we're fly out of sg every now and then!

Anyway I was so frustrated and at my wits end so one day while snuggling
under the sheets at Tim's,
I burst into tears because the flight tickets went up by A LOT.
Like 100+ so I had to fork out an additional 300+ since I'm paying for 2.

Was extremely pist at myself for being so slow and nooby,
and out of luck.

Long story cut short, Tim came to my rescue despite this being his birthday gift.
Fail surprise but heyyyy we spent a good 5 days in Macau/Hong Kong
at a super low price :)

I brought the wrong lens on this trip which resulted in very little pictures of us together.
We spent our days losing money at the casino,
going into various casinos and hotels...

Getting chubby with the awesome egg tarts,wontons again.
With the addition of BBQ PORK-CHOP BUNS OMGGGGGG.

Macau mostly functions on shuttle buses so you know how they only come in intervals
We didn't wanna wait so we walked a lot as well.
My leather boots are clearly super worned in, it's my favourite travelling boots
despite the utterly groove-less soles.

Check out my new favourite sunnies!
The brightest highlight of my trip.
I wear it to drive a lot and it's so distracting for the other drivers,
especially at the traffic lights where they just stop and stare and
forget about the lights.

I still think it's amazing despite seeing Timon everyday (I think I don't see him for 17-20days tops, a year - when I'm travelling with my parents!),
the same ol feeling of wanting to see him is still there.
I don't how it lasted for 3 years but I'm glad he's still there.
Timonity, thanks for the last 3 years of love and fun! ^^

If anyone's interested in food haunts over there,
email me for it because I've typed out one for a kiwi dude we met over there.

For now, I will endure my next two weeks expo.
Please let there be a long queue where I can scan and scan and scan non-stop for hours.
Work really passes MUCH faster when there's something to do.
I love stoning, but only on Tim's bed or my bed.
Not at the cashier stand.

And I'm crossing fingers that our next trip will be settled SOON.
Uncertainty, don't like!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fail Goodbye Osama

Man there's a whole load of fail anchors out there.
I've seen about 4-5 videos, most have been removed but here's what's left!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


So now that I'm done with my personal statement for uni applications,
I must now focus on my SATs exam which is rather redundant now that I've given up all hopes to go to a local university.

And also to avoid being one helluva lazy bum, I'm going to tell everyone what I've been up to for the past months. VV, Izzy and I actually created Chromaki a couple of months back.
Obviously me, being the biggest procrastinator on earth has resulted to a lot of stock in my house...I will update Chromaki this weekend.

Now that it's out, everyone please, nudge me constantly ask me update and
just tell it to my face that I'm super duper lazy.
I just came back from my first ever job training as a cashier though,
for the next 2 weeks I will be ... a cashier.

A very reckless move of mine, to sign up.
Obviously wasnt in the right state of mind when I signed up for this... :'(
Too bad, suck thumb and just do it.
Though I have to admit that zapping price tags are pretty fun hehe

Whatever it is, I'm going to squeeze out time for Chromaki.
Vv & Izzy blogs over there so,
pop by for a good read.

The whole vision for Chromaki - for me personally,
was to finally finally have a shop that I would buy every single thing and
it will be pocket friendly. Or at least worth my money.
I was just slogging my butt off at the gym last night where I thought
to myself man, dieting really sucks.
I can't believe I survive on a cup of juice when I was 14.
Right now I can't, I'm bigger for sure but like Tim said to me,
at least I'm much happier than before.

Anyways I'm just glad that I found someone like him who accepts my
abomination thighs hehe.

I just want to let everyone know that you don't have to be skinny to look good.
Skinny ≠ Stylish.
Sure you can't wear those skinny jeans/flarey jeans and look good,
so..just pick something else that suits/fits you,