Monday, April 11, 2011

Uni dilemma

So my mom has been bugging me till no end about uni applications.
This is the part where I start on my ramblings -
why I should've gone to a Junior College instead of a polytechnic.
But I shall not because even thought I ramble a whole lot,
truth is I hardly regret it at all.

I've applied to SMU and hoping that I can get in,
my results are pretty balls so I've to look at studying overseas..

It's likely that I'd end up in UK, but
I was considering ANU and University of Melbourne as well.

Till one of my smartass friends googled this for me:





gahahahahahaahah, guess my friends know me better.
I suppose ANU is out then.

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  1. You will die in canberra, that place is fucking boring.