Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spideyweb Leg

About time I get my lazy ass back here.
Last week I had the most smashingggg week/weekend,
quite naturally since it's my birthday week.

But this year, I finally hit the big 2 and Tim did a stellar job for my present.
And my friends of course, for coordinating and turning up,
I will post about my birthday soon once I clear my whole log of must-dos.

Anyway thank you Hazel from Citrusox once again for the stockings!
The pair on top? I had no idea it looked so good on my skin.
Honestly it looked really cluttered in the packaging but surprisingly...
it's probably my favourite lacey stocking in my drawer right now.
I wish that nordic looking pattern came in pants form.

I've worn this thrice and it isnt torn yet despite my mega thighs..
Which is a pleasant surprise because my topshop ones torn on the very first day.

Everyone needs to stop concluding that anything that looks like fishnet stockings = slutty.
Including my dad.
I guess the trick to not make it look 'slutty' is to avoid wearing
everything lycra skin-tight?

And, keep everything else simple... and short - you should know why.

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