Friday, April 29, 2011

Lazy's an understatement

These shots were taken weeks weeks ago but you know the usual,

I only load up my camera memory stick once in three weeks.

Life has been absolute bliss!

Tim and I just celebrated our 3rd year anniversary (and his 20th birthday)

in Macau, tons of shopping and more shopping, egg tarts,

And squaring off with the casinos.

After this trip, I officially hate casinos because well it's just not fun

to lose money and play more to win it back.

All thanks to the egg tarts and carbs I am now,

very sad to say,

wasted my 2-3 months at the gym le sigh.

I will go busy myself with more university applications and

finger workin'.

and gyming, of course.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Uni dilemma

So my mom has been bugging me till no end about uni applications.
This is the part where I start on my ramblings -
why I should've gone to a Junior College instead of a polytechnic.
But I shall not because even thought I ramble a whole lot,
truth is I hardly regret it at all.

I've applied to SMU and hoping that I can get in,
my results are pretty balls so I've to look at studying overseas..

It's likely that I'd end up in UK, but
I was considering ANU and University of Melbourne as well.

Till one of my smartass friends googled this for me:





gahahahahahaahah, guess my friends know me better.
I suppose ANU is out then.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

HK 1

Okay I know I have this very bad knack of doing multiple posts in DAYS about my trip.
Get pretty repetitive after a while but this aint no lj, there's no cut so hey,
less lag for you guys riiiggghhhtt!

The pictures above were taken exactly 1 month + 1 day ago in HongKong.
It was suppose to be a grad trip but a couple of them couldnt make it so
I don't know what this is.
I think we'll only go together when we earn our big bucks next time ^^

Hong Kong has a lotta dogs obviously,
The tall long hair golden saluki's being tugged by her golden hair owner.
Roads had a lot of dogs walking + owners carrying them while walking.

We definitely had bubble tea overload and...
First day ended with a Man United match at some bar in Tsim Sha Tsui.
Where... they lost quite horribly.
But the boys did have a good beer anyways.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spideyweb Leg

About time I get my lazy ass back here.
Last week I had the most smashingggg week/weekend,
quite naturally since it's my birthday week.

But this year, I finally hit the big 2 and Tim did a stellar job for my present.
And my friends of course, for coordinating and turning up,
I will post about my birthday soon once I clear my whole log of must-dos.

Anyway thank you Hazel from Citrusox once again for the stockings!
The pair on top? I had no idea it looked so good on my skin.
Honestly it looked really cluttered in the packaging but surprisingly...
it's probably my favourite lacey stocking in my drawer right now.
I wish that nordic looking pattern came in pants form.

I've worn this thrice and it isnt torn yet despite my mega thighs..
Which is a pleasant surprise because my topshop ones torn on the very first day.

Everyone needs to stop concluding that anything that looks like fishnet stockings = slutty.
Including my dad.
I guess the trick to not make it look 'slutty' is to avoid wearing
everything lycra skin-tight?

And, keep everything else simple... and short - you should know why.