Monday, March 21, 2011

White layers and hats

What I love about winter, quite obviously:
the layers and the need to cover up almost every part of my chubby body.
and the hats.
I'm an avid hat collector, actually in the category of headgears will do.
I feel a surge of confidence everytime I pull on a hat,
or a wig. Speaking of which, I bought a new wig from my trip to HK recenty awwsum~ !!

Picture above's taken in China, at some route where the people carried tea leaves
from state to state, took them 1 year in the past to transport the leaves over.
Anyways it's time fo me to start studying again,
just got the SAT prep book from gerry which is as thick as well,
2 1/2 secondary maths textbook thick.

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