Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Si Chuan

In all honestly... China's toilets are the worst that I've ever come across.
Except for Hong Kong, Shanghai, BeiJing of course but the suburbs were simply gross.

You cannot imagine how many times I had to hold the wee in till I have a proper bowl to pee in, not a hole / some sort of odd drainage.

Anyway we went to China over the Chinese New Year holidays,
surprisingly the stores are open! Unlike Orchard road.
One of the best times to visit China, less people.... less spit to avoid while walking.

Whoever who wants to argue that Orchard is open during CNY
Please head down next year to check out the empty streets, I wanted to catch a movie at lido when I was 14 - everything was close. I ended up walking from Orchard to Newton just to use up the time.

In case you're wondering, I have absolutely nothing to do right now so
I've been filling my days with Junior Master Chef,
couple of movies, a whole load of Tim, planning our trips,
playing with the dogs and well, a bit of shooting for a project
which I'll reveal soonish.

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