Sunday, March 13, 2011


I really miss that place already.

We took a ferry back from liberty island to New York,
walked through a few parks filled with random signboard stands and
I(L)NY shirts, I don't know why it didn't hit me to buy any,
it's probably available anywhere i.e.F21.
but of course nothing beats the 'real deal' from there.
le sigh, should've bought an oversized one for me to snooze in.

Walked through wall street as well and
queued up/fought with others for a touch with the merrill lynch fortune bull -.-
The snout, not the testicles.
there were a ton of china girls gushing around the bull's ass/balls because
'if you touch it, you'll get ~MaLe bAbIeS~'.

At Times Square,
there were still confetti flying everywhere from the previous night's countdown,
packed with people, buskers and cars - I'd never want to drive there.
Driving past the apple store made my jaw droppedd,
are you for real the store is literally a unconventional transparents cube.
I saw the cube store in simpsons and thought they made it up,
so amazing ! !

Strolled through 5th avenue and of course,
splurged at h&m, and didn't fork out 400$ for that tulle lanvin dress but
nyehhh, there's no occasion for it anyway.

p.s Hong Kong last week was ~!@#~!@# freakasss fun,
I'm hoping to go back at the end of the month again

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  1. I freaking love the green army toy man thing.. i would have gave him change