Tuesday, March 8, 2011

NYC 8.5

on my almost last day in nyc, I took about 1000 odd pictures so here's
1/2 of it... which I sieved out.
It was really cold that day,
I kindda regretted wearing double layers of stockings and thigh highs only.

But my shoes were a Godsent.... Can't believe I've such great intuition as to
pick the perfect shoes to wear for the perfect day!
It was a really wet day + a ton of random snow all around,
so being very elevated helped a lot.

Current I'm in Hong Kong, the weather here is perfect.
The wind + fluctuating weather from 15 - 20 degrees is super.awesome,
the people here who take the MTR (Mrt in Sg) is so much more considerate,
and thoughtful and cilvised as compared to Sg.

One thing I absolutely loathe in sg?
They don't know how to fucking.keep.left.
and how to let passengers out first.

But ahwell,
that doesnt even concern me anymore.
No more public transport for a good long time

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