Thursday, March 31, 2011

Has been a while

I'd like to say that I'm currently stuck in limbo. I don't understand how can people just dropout of school and feel absolutely happy/relieve about it. If you just quit a job, that's fine because you've past savings to live on, travel etc. Dropping outta school, earning $6/hr or worse, doing nothing at all... Sounds insanely vapid.

Anyway, that's how I feel like right now. I'm not allowed to work... Singapore's too tiny to explore. Imagine if I was schooless in Europe, how cheap are domestic flights? Le sigh.

Anyways Citrusox gave me a couple of stockings 2 weeks back, it's been a while since I have fishnet stockings since I lost mine in Hokkaido. They've a new range in stores right now so you guys should check it out, unlike topshop - the range's larger, more affordable and the best part? Comes in a kickass ziplock bag. Hey, I NEED the ziplock bag, my stockings/socks are constantly missing. Annoying me till no end. I'm gonna come up a few outfits for it sooo you guys can see what a fun and easy instant outfit perk-up it can be;)

bisous bisous~

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