Thursday, March 3, 2011

Goodbye Baby

Orange's siblings
Sleeping and maybe, petrified in timon's hands
First hamster friend turn foul, ham ham
Orange's favourite tv
om nom nom sunflower seeds
Getting fatter everyday
Orange's wife, pearlie
and their litter after 1year+!
A very phat and orange boy

05.March.2009 - 27.February.2011

It really hurts to see you go
Just a week ago I was telling my sister how afraid I was for you to go,
I suppose we shouldn't talk about such stuff because it's bound to happen if you say it

Thank you for hanging on right down to the last 5 seconds of your
dear tiny life for me to be there before you go.
You still pop up in my mind whenever I cut up an apple because I always,
always share it with you.

There will never, ever be another fat hamster who's as orange as you.

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