Thursday, March 31, 2011

Has been a while

I'd like to say that I'm currently stuck in limbo. I don't understand how can people just dropout of school and feel absolutely happy/relieve about it. If you just quit a job, that's fine because you've past savings to live on, travel etc. Dropping outta school, earning $6/hr or worse, doing nothing at all... Sounds insanely vapid.

Anyway, that's how I feel like right now. I'm not allowed to work... Singapore's too tiny to explore. Imagine if I was schooless in Europe, how cheap are domestic flights? Le sigh.

Anyways Citrusox gave me a couple of stockings 2 weeks back, it's been a while since I have fishnet stockings since I lost mine in Hokkaido. They've a new range in stores right now so you guys should check it out, unlike topshop - the range's larger, more affordable and the best part? Comes in a kickass ziplock bag. Hey, I NEED the ziplock bag, my stockings/socks are constantly missing. Annoying me till no end. I'm gonna come up a few outfits for it sooo you guys can see what a fun and easy instant outfit perk-up it can be;)

bisous bisous~

Thursday, March 24, 2011

China Pandas

No, China.
Wildlife is definitely not food, and a little inappropriate to place that sign in a panda park.
Who eats pandas anyway?

There was absoluuutely nothing for me in China except for
chinese tea, fat-filled carby food, heated beds, chill weather and silk quilts.
and pandas, of course.

Shopping was dreadful, I did manage to snag a really
sweet tribal fringe hobo bag - the exact bag which I've
pictured in my head since Bangkok last year.

Will share soon, Happy Friday!

Monday, March 21, 2011

White layers and hats

What I love about winter, quite obviously:
the layers and the need to cover up almost every part of my chubby body.
and the hats.
I'm an avid hat collector, actually in the category of headgears will do.
I feel a surge of confidence everytime I pull on a hat,
or a wig. Speaking of which, I bought a new wig from my trip to HK recenty awwsum~ !!

Picture above's taken in China, at some route where the people carried tea leaves
from state to state, took them 1 year in the past to transport the leaves over.
Anyways it's time fo me to start studying again,
just got the SAT prep book from gerry which is as thick as well,
2 1/2 secondary maths textbook thick.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Si Chuan

In all honestly... China's toilets are the worst that I've ever come across.
Except for Hong Kong, Shanghai, BeiJing of course but the suburbs were simply gross.

You cannot imagine how many times I had to hold the wee in till I have a proper bowl to pee in, not a hole / some sort of odd drainage.

Anyway we went to China over the Chinese New Year holidays,
surprisingly the stores are open! Unlike Orchard road.
One of the best times to visit China, less people.... less spit to avoid while walking.

Whoever who wants to argue that Orchard is open during CNY
Please head down next year to check out the empty streets, I wanted to catch a movie at lido when I was 14 - everything was close. I ended up walking from Orchard to Newton just to use up the time.

In case you're wondering, I have absolutely nothing to do right now so
I've been filling my days with Junior Master Chef,
couple of movies, a whole load of Tim, planning our trips,
playing with the dogs and well, a bit of shooting for a project
which I'll reveal soonish.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


I really miss that place already.

We took a ferry back from liberty island to New York,
walked through a few parks filled with random signboard stands and
I(L)NY shirts, I don't know why it didn't hit me to buy any,
it's probably available anywhere i.e.F21.
but of course nothing beats the 'real deal' from there.
le sigh, should've bought an oversized one for me to snooze in.

Walked through wall street as well and
queued up/fought with others for a touch with the merrill lynch fortune bull -.-
The snout, not the testicles.
there were a ton of china girls gushing around the bull's ass/balls because
'if you touch it, you'll get ~MaLe bAbIeS~'.

At Times Square,
there were still confetti flying everywhere from the previous night's countdown,
packed with people, buskers and cars - I'd never want to drive there.
Driving past the apple store made my jaw droppedd,
are you for real the store is literally a unconventional transparents cube.
I saw the cube store in simpsons and thought they made it up,
so amazing ! !

Strolled through 5th avenue and of course,
splurged at h&m, and didn't fork out 400$ for that tulle lanvin dress but
nyehhh, there's no occasion for it anyway.

p.s Hong Kong last week was ~!@#~!@# freakasss fun,
I'm hoping to go back at the end of the month again

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

NYC 8.5

on my almost last day in nyc, I took about 1000 odd pictures so here's
1/2 of it... which I sieved out.
It was really cold that day,
I kindda regretted wearing double layers of stockings and thigh highs only.

But my shoes were a Godsent.... Can't believe I've such great intuition as to
pick the perfect shoes to wear for the perfect day!
It was a really wet day + a ton of random snow all around,
so being very elevated helped a lot.

Current I'm in Hong Kong, the weather here is perfect.
The wind + fluctuating weather from 15 - 20 degrees is super.awesome,
the people here who take the MTR (Mrt in Sg) is so much more considerate,
and thoughtful and cilvised as compared to Sg.

One thing I absolutely loathe in sg?
They don't know how to fucking.keep.left.
and how to let passengers out first.

But ahwell,
that doesnt even concern me anymore.
No more public transport for a good long time