Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 05 - To Washington!

Finally left Orlando after 3 whole days of theme parks and shopping, I am getting too old for this...! But, I'm not too old for monopoly deal though. Super addictive game which I keep pwning Bear at. That's not true so anyway..

Once we landed in Washington D.C, head over to some airplane museum which I have the least interest in. Plus, the heater was working VERY.WELL.. which made me feel so uncomfortably hot in my several layers. The Macdonalds there have slightly different menus, and it was in a beautiful greenhouse like building. Drinks and milkshakes all free slow, and sauces too - no wonder so ... fat!

Natalie and I spent more time on the huge field outside.. nothing was remotely interesting in there.
Moving on to check out the Washinton Monument, the White house and Abraham Lincoln's huge statur which was in Night at the Musuem. Ending off the day at this mad cheap buffet restaurant....
only 9.99usd for a full spread,
Soups fruits salads desserts mains icecreams etc
D: wanna go back!

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