Monday, February 28, 2011

Reebonz Spring Contest!

Sooo reebonz has this interesting Spring dress-up contest and
you know me, nothing is easier than dressing up.

Balenciaga Giant Chic Box Bag in Purple
Nothing's more Spring than tiny and purple!

White leopard blazer-Valentino, Purplehue Cowl Top-Lanvin, Deep purple belt-Thrift,
White trousers-Bysi, Black wedge-New Look, Silver armour ring - ASOS, Bag-Reebonz/Balenciaga

No.1 Spring rule: Ditch the black! You've walked through the CBD area and seen for yourself, almost 80-90% of the people there are

Well, it's spring and hey if you really dislike colours for work, why not try white?
The total opposite of black, possibly one of the brightest colours which also means- less heat absorbtion. Exactly what you need for humid Singapore.

In an office, try minimalism at its best!
Don a matchy-matchy outfit/suit for people to take you seriously so, I've picked a purple hue sleeveless top paired with a deeper purple skinny belt, white on white leopard blazer, white trousers and... the very purple Balenciaga bag.

If you're worried that the bag's waayy too small for a regular office bag? Make it a lunch time/errand bag afterall, nothing gets more convenient then having a bag to stuff the bare essentials you'd need.

Clean lines, White + shades of purple - clean colour palette that's perfect for work.

Bell sleeve dotted daisy top-Thrifted, Swiss dot skirt-LucydAcyd, Turban-F21,
Platform sandal- tarallox.lj, Bag-reebonz/balenciaga

Weekends are here! Let loose and put on your most comfy clothes.
Nothing, NOTHING gets comfy-er that your oversize silk shirt and short skirts which lets the wind brush against your skin. Also, try something acessorizing which are banned from most offices. One of spring's hottest acessory is- turbans.

Make it extra Spring and casual by throwing in florals and of course, that low slung bag in
poppin' purple.

Corset dress & Lipstick in brighton- Topshop, Printed Satin Clogs-Tarallox.lj, Leather cuff-ASOS,

I'm sure everyone wants to stand out at that party or a club event, wherever!
Spring's all about bold colours, take that chance to wear that bold coloured dress NOW.
This neon coloured, floral printed, lantern shaped corset dress is the epitome of Spring.

Forget the dull, single coloured heels, take it up a notch by donning yourself in prints from top to bottom. That exciting, interesting shoe is going to help start a ton of conversations. Put on your cutest coloured lipstick (avoid nude,please) and of course, that balenciaga chic box bag.

You can't deny the size is perfect for parties, events and clubs.
Don't you just hate it when the bouncers insist you check in your big bags?
Fold in the straps to make this bag the perfect clutch!

You can check out other entries by clicking here!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Shasha the slothkat

Guess you guys haven't met Sha sha yet.
Kiki's new best friend (no really, no cat vs dog kitchen drama)
She may look fat, but she is not.
We did not open the white gate for her, she squeezed through it herself,
came into the kitchen, and transformed into a sloth.

A photogenic sloth

Liberation in 24 + 9hrs

Thursday, February 24, 2011

NYC day 07

Woke up to quite a spectacular sunrise... again.
I don't know why but sunrise over there seems so much more beautiful.
Maybe it's how the sun light bounces off the nicely scalloped clouds,
and the vast amount of unblocked skies - I think that's it.
Singapore's skies don't seem vast at all because there's too many things covering it.

Woke up really excited that day because we're going ~~
I purposefully made sure I wore the easiest dress to get out of,
who likes shopping in jeans / pants?
Nothing gets easier than a really flowly dress during winter,
especially when you go shopping... trying on clothes is so much easier!

Took an hours drive to the outlets,
passing the still snow capped cities along the way,
and the pacific ocean as well.

Obviously, Thaddeus outdid himself once again.
Buying 7 pairs of shoes just that afternoon.
Surprise for me though, I didn't buy much....
I had a lot of benjamins left on me at the end of the day.
(they're still sitting in my bag)

Ended the day with new barricades fo tennis, nude ferragamo varinas,
and a couple of flares from Miss Sixty, and...
I cannot remember anymore.
I was window-shopping more than anything else,
can you believe they have a chanel outlet there? D:
and balenciaga as well.... but clearly there was nothing nice there.

Exams commence tomorrow,
4 more days till I bid poly life goodbye, weh

Monday, February 21, 2011

NYC day 06

clearly a very lazy person, the nyc album is sooo dated I'm actually having
2nd thoughts on posting them here...... like this was pictures taken in what, December 10?
anyways, we visited the Niagara Falls the night before, and the morning after.
It's pretty amazing, just across we can see people in Canada already!

there're pretty night lights at night shining through the falls,
and in the morning? There's a rainbow which i manage to snap,
i wonder if that rainbow appears every morning.
the view's spectacular, really envy the people living around the area..
They have cruises going INTO the falls itself (a side route, going behind the falls)
how amazing is that?
pity I went during Winter, the cruises don't operate then :(

Despite the thundering sounds of the falls and the snow alll over,
I felt surprising snug in my crop sweater and semi sheer skirt...
I cheated, wore double layers of pants + long johns.
it was -5 degrees so imagine how thick the sweater isss

Drove back to NY after that, stop by for awesome sushi buffet.
I love... Buffets in the USA. it's so cheap !
after that, the kids got into a snow war which i steer clear of.
Not that I was'nt spontaneous enough, snow melts... into water right?
so playing with snow is almost equivalent to playing in the rain.
bahh fine, I just dont like getting my suede boots wet.

Stopped by MIT and Harvard universities.
Le sigh, how many SAT retests must I take to land my ass there?
Last stop at Boston, to have of course.... the awesome boston lobster.
making me very hungry now,
i just had fruits for dinner because my weight is InSanely Hiiiii :(

Okay last note,
I graduate in a week from nowwww...
I don't get how people feel all moppy from not being able to see their friends anymore,
whaaat? Friendships don't end when school ends.

and... grad trip tickets has been booked.
in less than 2 weeks, imma get the winter feeling again!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 05 - To Washington!

Finally left Orlando after 3 whole days of theme parks and shopping, I am getting too old for this...! But, I'm not too old for monopoly deal though. Super addictive game which I keep pwning Bear at. That's not true so anyway..

Once we landed in Washington D.C, head over to some airplane museum which I have the least interest in. Plus, the heater was working VERY.WELL.. which made me feel so uncomfortably hot in my several layers. The Macdonalds there have slightly different menus, and it was in a beautiful greenhouse like building. Drinks and milkshakes all free slow, and sauces too - no wonder so ... fat!

Natalie and I spent more time on the huge field outside.. nothing was remotely interesting in there.
Moving on to check out the Washinton Monument, the White house and Abraham Lincoln's huge statur which was in Night at the Musuem. Ending off the day at this mad cheap buffet restaurant....
only 9.99usd for a full spread,
Soups fruits salads desserts mains icecreams etc
D: wanna go back!