Friday, January 14, 2011

NYC day 2

day 2. nothing much really, left New Jersey for Philadelphia to see the Liberty Bell,
and some other government building which I wasnt really interested in. Natalie and I were far more interested in this particularly huge grass patch outside the bell showcase.

i also swapped over to my 10-24s because i got really sick of running backwards to take pictures.

had chinese food in chinatown, i realized how out of place every china town looked. it just looks, dirtier + huge tacky signboards with bad/wrong english. but...hey they serve great chinese take out in qt boxes.

took a domestic flight out to Orlando, Florida. and we had Denny's for dinner, and Walgreen shopping was mad, everything in the cosmetic section was cheap / on discount i.e. 99cents for lipstick. dont know what has gotten into me but lately, i prefer looking at cosmetics more than clothes. what's worse? i hardly use them.

oh happy Sunday everyone!

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  1. sara: the photo of your meimei holding the lens.. her face looks like everyone in your family put together in one new face ..she loooks so much like everyone i cant even think properly now HAHA