Saturday, January 29, 2011

Just messy

Dad got me this entire set of vintage film fujica camera which is still lying in my 'box of brand new shit' box. What a waste really, sometimes I think being a shopaholic is in my genes. It is quite odd that it's (this gene) from my dad and not really... my mom. Let me just be fair and say they're on par.

I wore this for one of my module's interview test last week and all I got was 'messy'.
Am quite bummed that no matter how much effort I put in, teachers just love to nitpick don't they. Like how I used a regular black bobby hair pin and my favourite inky pilot pen. For my standards, I should be using (ahem, I quote)

"A hairpin that matches your diamond earrings or a nice... pen"
I suppose the "nice pen" would mean using a Mont Blanc pen.

Whatever it is, if I didn't expose myself or be so fucking enthusiastic about the whole
'hey let's get to know each other better' part of class, I would've gotten my A.

Needa stop whining about my grades.
Anyway, Imma fly off to China next week for the cold and great volcanic spas.
and nope, I will not be visiting this year, again.

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