Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 04

I intended to post this up just before I left for China but I guess I had way more important things to do... so I decided to do it in China.

Except that China has banned blogger, and facebook and youtube as well.
So internet access there was pretty useless apart from the economist and gmail...

Anyways, I'm back and Happy Lunar New Year all!!
China's still a pretty crapass shithole, literally.
Since they manufacture toilet bowls there, why can't all the toilets have bowls instead of holes?

Day 04 of Orlando, Florida was spent at Universal Studios.
Think the only theme park I was honestly looking forward to actually because
of the newly open Harry Potter theme park.
It was reallly crowded, queues to get into the small section of the park itself,
queues to get into stores in hogsmeade like Dervish Banges and Honeydukes,
2 hour queues for the rides...
Queues to get the cup of butterbeer.

But 'twas all worth it.
The stimulator ride is the BEST ride I've taken in my life,
I actually felt like I was really playing Quidditch.

We spent about 3hours there before we got sick of the crowd.
Walked the rest of universal studios adventure,
crossover to the universal studios side (which is similar to the sg one).
Queues were significantly shorter over there which were great.
We sat on our favourite mummy ride again and I still scream like a mad cow.

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