Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 04

Sooo my second time at Disneyland for the year. Orlando's Disneyland:Magic Kingdom beats HK's handsss down.

Anyway, remember the previous day at Epcot I was filled with regrets for wearing too many layers for the weather? I decide to put on my sheer dress + stockings. Bad move.
That day, NY had a snow blizzard so... it was insanely cold in Orlando that day. I was practically chattering non stop.

We spammed on space mountain over there. Parents got a little motion sick so they waited for us outside while we took other rides, actually now come to think about it. I need to ask my mom how she got onto that fence she was sitting on...

Left early and took the public transport to the outlets. Was freezing my ass off at the bus stops. I was honestly trying to do the whole 'mind over body' thing but... didn't work! Fail theory. But whatever it is, there was insanely bad jam. Took us 2 hours to get to the outlets. They're not too bad, F21 and Victoria Secrets was extremely messy and crowded. I really like shopping at Saks and Barneys tho.

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