Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 04

I intended to post this up just before I left for China but I guess I had way more important things to do... so I decided to do it in China.

Except that China has banned blogger, and facebook and youtube as well.
So internet access there was pretty useless apart from the economist and gmail...

Anyways, I'm back and Happy Lunar New Year all!!
China's still a pretty crapass shithole, literally.
Since they manufacture toilet bowls there, why can't all the toilets have bowls instead of holes?

Day 04 of Orlando, Florida was spent at Universal Studios.
Think the only theme park I was honestly looking forward to actually because
of the newly open Harry Potter theme park.
It was reallly crowded, queues to get into the small section of the park itself,
queues to get into stores in hogsmeade like Dervish Banges and Honeydukes,
2 hour queues for the rides...
Queues to get the cup of butterbeer.

But 'twas all worth it.
The stimulator ride is the BEST ride I've taken in my life,
I actually felt like I was really playing Quidditch.

We spent about 3hours there before we got sick of the crowd.
Walked the rest of universal studios adventure,
crossover to the universal studios side (which is similar to the sg one).
Queues were significantly shorter over there which were great.
We sat on our favourite mummy ride again and I still scream like a mad cow.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Just messy

Dad got me this entire set of vintage film fujica camera which is still lying in my 'box of brand new shit' box. What a waste really, sometimes I think being a shopaholic is in my genes. It is quite odd that it's (this gene) from my dad and not really... my mom. Let me just be fair and say they're on par.

I wore this for one of my module's interview test last week and all I got was 'messy'.
Am quite bummed that no matter how much effort I put in, teachers just love to nitpick don't they. Like how I used a regular black bobby hair pin and my favourite inky pilot pen. For my standards, I should be using (ahem, I quote)

"A hairpin that matches your diamond earrings or a nice... pen"
I suppose the "nice pen" would mean using a Mont Blanc pen.

Whatever it is, if I didn't expose myself or be so fucking enthusiastic about the whole
'hey let's get to know each other better' part of class, I would've gotten my A.

Needa stop whining about my grades.
Anyway, Imma fly off to China next week for the cold and great volcanic spas.
and nope, I will not be visiting this year, again.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 04

Sooo my second time at Disneyland for the year. Orlando's Disneyland:Magic Kingdom beats HK's handsss down.

Anyway, remember the previous day at Epcot I was filled with regrets for wearing too many layers for the weather? I decide to put on my sheer dress + stockings. Bad move.
That day, NY had a snow blizzard so... it was insanely cold in Orlando that day. I was practically chattering non stop.

We spammed on space mountain over there. Parents got a little motion sick so they waited for us outside while we took other rides, actually now come to think about it. I need to ask my mom how she got onto that fence she was sitting on...

Left early and took the public transport to the outlets. Was freezing my ass off at the bus stops. I was honestly trying to do the whole 'mind over body' thing but... didn't work! Fail theory. But whatever it is, there was insanely bad jam. Took us 2 hours to get to the outlets. They're not too bad, F21 and Victoria Secrets was extremely messy and crowded. I really like shopping at Saks and Barneys tho.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fo Sara

Took an extra day off school last Monday and 5am last minute plans
to help Sara her school project.

It was mad fun despite the mouldy weather and major lack of sunlight.
I had the priviledge of looking through her project draft and it was a-mazing,
it did make me regret not going to design school but it
also made me realize I'm not that cut out for it afterall.
Anyway, I like how my plain face is actually quite versatile.
I might just cut my hair short
Hope you ace your final thingamaling, Sarry x