Monday, December 13, 2010

No exercise No food

It's been raining sooo much, i practically pull on these dr marts and call it a day.
not a good idea to club in them tho, poor feet's yelpin for help because
1) they're really heavy
2) they belong to my sister, younger sister. 1/2 a size too smalll but ahh, whutaheck.

and for obvious reason, the mediocre picture of my lame feet has to be on top if not
this friggin awesome picture will steal the lime light.
did this a weeks ago for sara's project.
what's not to love, she made me look 10 years younger.
and the rad outfit which i can totally wear in harajyuku.

anyways, poor chunky died a few weeks back.
got myself a newww Nikon today, yet to name it but...
i hope i'll colour this space up once again like before.

and i feel like a jackass battling a minor food disorder while tim tries his best to come up with dishes that are heathy + appetizing.
fo battered fish/ poach fish slithered with creamy/wine sauce +
mash + boiled baby carrots & brocolli
I must stop being whiney,
pick up my fat ass, run ,
and eat whatever i want.

happy holidays!!

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