Thursday, December 30, 2010

Concluding 2010

concluding 2010 in New York is probably going to be one of the best part of the year.
i will be squeezing with the others in times square, prancing around in the cold anticipating for the clock to strike midnight.
i dont know what's going to happen next actually so im not going to pretend i do.
this year is over too fast, my resolutions...... still unaccomplished.
hold on, i cant even remember if i made any!
anyway, i suppose this year practically flew by with the mad 1/2 year internship,
travelling with friends, family, shopping, gyming.
new friends, visiting harry potter world and chuggin down butter beer...
was friggin ace too.

alright it just turned 31st December.
means its time to orhz, outlet shopping in NY tmr WhoOoOoP

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