Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bento progression

ha ha,ha, i bet after seeing my inspiration, my bento box looks pretty unfantastic huh.
so like i've said, tim has been an xtreme darling cookin for me since, everytime i wanted to eat something. soo i've decided to make a bento for him.

i saved this snorlax x dugtrio bento in my picture folders a couple o' months ago,
finally came in handy.
and plain rice + seaweed + scambled eggs + sausages doesnt sound appetizing
so i cooked fried rice instead, and coat it with white rice for snorlax's white tummy.

things i picked up:
1) Always craft the friggin snorlax / whatever it is IN THE BOX.

do NOT design it on a plate, bc seaweed kindda gets soggy so it gets really
difficult to transfer a soggy 'sushi' into the box.

2) this is not as easy as it looks

3) do not do this during exam period, i took 2-3 hours.
personally, cutting the friggin eyeballs for dugtrio's the toughest.
followed by the carrot mouth, which i made my little sister do for me.

nonetheless, it was prettty fun crafting this thing up,
i wouldnt do this everyday for my child tho.
and tim's face was pretty priceless hurh hurh


  1. you and timon damn cute. i wish i had a girlfriend that will make me bento boxes like that hahahahahahahahahahaha

  2. thanks for sharing niania! Very interesting.