Sunday, November 21, 2010

In the spirit of the Deathly Hallows

Major nutter but i got myself the time turner necklace in lieu of the opening of the almost last film.
Have been contemplating for the longesttt time so Tim finally dragged lazy arsed me out to get it.
I will be visiting the Harry Potter Theme park in Orlando next month soo,
i suppose i could wear this there as well ~ ! *.*

about the covered eyes,
I figured that i look best without my eyes or face for that matter in any picture.
just works for me, im really not photogenic at all.

Anyways, have been low on the gym meter.
Self esteem as pit's low once again ...... :(

xox t


  1. Hey I know you dont know me but I have been slaving away looking for the necklace and I have had no such luck. Please help me out and tell me where you found it. I'd greatly appreciate it (: Thank you.

  2. Hey Samantha, sorry for the late reply...!
    Somehow blogger doesnt update me when i receive new comments.

    anyway, i got the necklace from the popcorn store at the esplanade, they sell all sorts of movie memorabilias over there. i paid 68sgd after 10% discount if i remembered correctly. - it's best to call them before heading down to check if it's instock.

    hope that helps ;)

  3. Hi! Happen to stumble across your blog while googling for this item. May I know if its actually fragile to wear around? Thanks. :)

  4. Hey there, sorry for the late reply! China was absolutely no access to blogger haha! Nope it's not fragile at all, I don't really twirl around much/hit it against walls so it hasn't be damaged yet ;)