Thursday, November 11, 2010

The delaying effect

Best Halloween Party handsdown.

this happened exactly 3 weeks back, in fact everything posted here has a 3 week delay because i'd like to clear my pictures in order. major ocd I have but i don't see what's so wrong about the love for organisation ?!?#$#%

That wensday was insane, tim drove me around town to find my last minute costume.
Best most "re-useable" buy would have to be the.... leopard bra and deep purple lipstick.
went back to play tennis in the dizzle in an attempt to have a slightly deflated tummy for the night. but after the game we head on to have hor fun x fried rice because...
"you should'nt drink on an empty stomach"

anyways i think slackish tennis doesnt help in attaining a flatter stomach.
even so, its temporal.

xox leopardgurl

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