Friday, November 26, 2010

Hallo QT

It's been 31months,
and still feels like day 1.

hmm alright not really because at day 1 we're still bussing/ cabbing around and
getting all sweaty and gross caught in the humid rainy weather.

besides the point but still, hallo I love you wangmEePs.
2 days ago was our last monthly thingy together.

I secretly do NOT think it's applicable anymore because we're way past the 1 year mark.
but.. it's still nice to just have 1 day solely reserve for both of us to have a hearty dinner together.
especially so with my healthy food obession, this's kindda like a break for timon from all the vegetables and healthy what nots.

have been extremely cranky for the past few days.
no. not pms, just cranky... and all temperamental.
I realized its the extreme lack of exercise, and so, i'll be fixing it tomorrow in th ~gym~.

so.. i'd like to say thank you for th past few days.
especially yesterday 25/11. worse day of my lyfe.

you've been so patient and sweet,
and...I don't think the person whom i love (suu much!) should get such treatment.
funny how the regular people don't get as much shit as the people whom you love most, right? (you know it's true.)

so what i'm tryna say is, i'm going to exercise more to keep the bad moods away.
and more self control.......... Oh raging female hormonal problems ack!

I will pen about yesterday soon.

such a horrid day must be kept so i can read back a few years later and go,
"hey, God only gives us 1 REALLY bad day each so I've gotten mine on 25/11,
what else can be worse? "

(btw that's not biblical, I just think that God only gives me a bad day (each year),
but that's gonna be cut down cos im gna behave myself to deserve such crap urgh!! )

Sunday, November 21, 2010

In the spirit of the Deathly Hallows

Major nutter but i got myself the time turner necklace in lieu of the opening of the almost last film.
Have been contemplating for the longesttt time so Tim finally dragged lazy arsed me out to get it.
I will be visiting the Harry Potter Theme park in Orlando next month soo,
i suppose i could wear this there as well ~ ! *.*

about the covered eyes,
I figured that i look best without my eyes or face for that matter in any picture.
just works for me, im really not photogenic at all.

Anyways, have been low on the gym meter.
Self esteem as pit's low once again ...... :(

xox t

Sunday, November 14, 2010

So why care now

today(Sunday) started with M & I hitting the gym as early as 7am,
only because I had bad information from the brother that church starts at 9am.
Today has proven 1 thing, that I am able to bolt up after 5hours of sleep to... drive to the gym and work....out.

the sudden gym addiction got worse after my mom told me that my heaviest weight(when i just came back from HK with all the milktea and eggtarts still wobbling in my belly), was her heaviest weight..... when she was pregnant with my sister.

Encouraging. Now, i am more spurred as ever.
Sometimes i wonder why some people just have it so much easier than me....?

i love food, ok that's......nah uh too much.
i like food.
just a pity that both of us cant bond as much as i'd like it to be if not,
i'd be the next 1 out of 10 obese Singaporeans.

THIS is not a weight obession.
if my body, was like .... megan fox but.. say 70kg.
i wouldnt mind.
well at least it beats those 40kg flabby chicks out there.
so may i repeat, tania this is not a weight obession.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The delaying effect

Best Halloween Party handsdown.

this happened exactly 3 weeks back, in fact everything posted here has a 3 week delay because i'd like to clear my pictures in order. major ocd I have but i don't see what's so wrong about the love for organisation ?!?#$#%

That wensday was insane, tim drove me around town to find my last minute costume.
Best most "re-useable" buy would have to be the.... leopard bra and deep purple lipstick.
went back to play tennis in the dizzle in an attempt to have a slightly deflated tummy for the night. but after the game we head on to have hor fun x fried rice because...
"you should'nt drink on an empty stomach"

anyways i think slackish tennis doesnt help in attaining a flatter stomach.
even so, its temporal.

xox leopardgurl

Monday, November 8, 2010

One less bell to answer

Slackish days of the past couple of weeks, midnight coffee and dessert at a cozy cafe,
chillling with my almost childhood friends at a secluded club with nachos, breeze and a good view of tennis. Finishing the perfect day with my.favourite chicken pot pie.

and oh, i felt the need to compensate nick for the O.o face in the 3rd picture so hence,
the fourth. I just wanted to let yall kno tim had a haircut. and it's actually quite decent even tho i do prefer him with his shabby curly hair.

still, whatever goes....! x

Friday, November 5, 2010


We're about to hike up the little bump of a hill to reach the Henderson bridge.
We did, but it got wayyy too freaky to continue after 100meters. It was close to midnight you see... so anyway, 2nd week of school's out all thanks to deepavali.

super.shiok. but i've a 30% presentation next week, time's passing waayyy too fast.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Alone in class waiting for black boy

Okay so, pardon the Herman pose alright?
my hand was only there for a specific reason - to cover the mega period pimple.
of all places.... under my nose right smack in the middle of my face.

Currently alone, in class.
and im editing a whole load of past pictures since bangkok tilll last week.
had a bad dream last night but it's good,
well at least it jolted me up to be in time for class.

Baby, stay with me

Figured that it's best I move. Have been meaning to for the longest time because tsokool was getting unrelatable.

Last week of poly hols, T insists that we should do couply stuff before we run out of time when school starts.Drove specially to buy me a new kite, we named him Mr. Whaley. Original, just like how we named the squid kite, Mr.Squid.

Well except that Mr.whaley decided to take a swim at the marina barrage.At least he flew a good 5minutes before he took the dip. Sigh. It was tough getting the fat whale up. Wonder what our next kite will be..

Kindda miss blogging actually, I guess what really peeved me off the other side was the fugly archives.